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Surrounded by a canopy of hundred-year-old trees and a beautiful stone patio, COLTERRA welcomes you with an authentic simple charm that evokes relaxation. In the kitchen we work together with local farmers to harvest and use the freshest produce, in season and in full flavor. We strive to serve our community as a gathering place that allows us to showcase the best of Colorado’s natural beauty and goodness.

Lively Food and People

Dear Friends,

Colterra is closed until further notice due to a fire. We will keep you posted on our efforts towards re-opening.
We would like to thank the Mountain View Fire Department for responding so quickly and doing a great job putting the fire out. Our fire departments are made up of brave and courageous men and women.
We’re very thankful no one was in the building and no one was hurt. While the damage was extensive we look forward to the next chapter for Colterra. Please stay tuned and thank you for being our friends.

We’d love to host you at either of our Downtown Boulder Sister Restaurants,
Wild Standard and SALT

-Bradford Heap